Housing Costs

2018-19 Per Semester Rates

Type of Room Cost
Standard Double (MacKenzie Tower) $3,825
Corridor Double (Burdick & Shults) $3,965
Corridor Double Plus (Braddon & Peet) $3,965
Renovated Double (MacKenzie Tower) $4,065
Suite (MacKenzie Row House & Main Gates) $4,100
Small Single (MacKenzie Tower) $4,450
Double as a Single (MacKenzie Tower) $4,450
Small Renovated Single (MacKenzie Tower) $4,450
Large Single (MacKenzie Tower, Getman, R/C, Burdick, Shults) $4,450
Corridor Double Plus as Single (Braddon & Peet) $4,450
Suite Double as a Single (MacKenzie Row House & Main Gates) $4,700
Townhouse Single $4,850
MacKenzie Quad $4,950

Each residential student is required to get a meal plan which should be figured in when you're doing your budget.

For more information, call 1-800-4-ALFRED and ask to speak to the Student Records and Financial Services Office.